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Anti-Pebble campaign catering to diners

Jackie Bartz
NBC - KTUU 2 Alaska
July 6, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Sockeye salmon pulled from Bristol Bay are the focus of a regional grassroots campaign in Washington and Oregon. "Savor Bristol Bay" is targeting the proposed Pebble Mine using the dinner plates of customers.

Nearly 50 restaurants in Seattle and Portland have teamed up with the anti-Pebble group Trout Unlimited. All week they'll be exclusively serving up sockeye salmon to bring awareness to their anti-pebble campaign.

"We encourage people to vote with their forks, and what I mean by that is to choose Bristol Bay wild salmon whenever they go to a seafood market place or to a restaurant," said Trout Unlimited's Paula Dobbyn.

"Well, the people from Bristol Bay want chefs to use their fish and to share the deliciousness of the salmon, because by eating it we can draw attention to the potential threat," said Portland chef Lisa Schroeder.

Critics claim Pebble Mine could devastate the largest sockeye run in the world. Last month, Trout Unlimited flew several chefs to the area of the proposed mine.

"When you get them on the ground and walk them around and have them actually pick fish out of a net and watch the whole process from the sea, through the processing plant, to the kitchen, to the table, to the fork, to their mouth, it's kind of like a light bulb goes on and they understand it a lot better," Dobbyn said.

"I took away that salmon is an indicator for all of us of our environmental health and if we don't pay attention to what's going on with them we're going to lose what's important to us," said Schroeder.

Proponents for Pebble argue Trout Unlimited is making assumptions before a plan is even in place.

"I think it's important for people to remember that both fisheries and mining are an important resource for the area, and Alaska has an excellent track record of fisheries and mining co-existing together," said Nance Larsen, communication manager for Pebble Partnership.

According to the Pebble Partnership, it's currently doing extensive scientific research to put together what it calls a safe proposal.

"We are doing that so that we can look at the environmental concerns and issues that need to be addressed. Things like earthquakes and other issues that would be applicable to how the mine could be designed and move forward through the permitting process," said Larsen.

This is the second year of Trout Unlimited's "Savor Bristol Bay" campaign.