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Grill to Save Bristol Bay

Savor Bristol Bay cedar grilling planks are now available for purchase from Fire & Flavor Grilling Co. All proceeds from cedar plank sales directly benefit the Save Bristol Bay campaign. Buy your cedar plank today.

Water & Wine

Not sure what wine to have with your wild salmon? Check out one of Trout Unlimited's Water & Wine partners and invest your dollars in a winery that's investing in the future of our wild salmon

WW Business Partners

Wondering where to go to dinner or where to buy some wild salmon? Check out our growing list of WhyWild Business Partners with businesses all over the country committed to sustainable wild salmon fisheries and doing their part to save wild salmon. View the list

Switch for Salmon

Trout Unlimited
October 29, 2007

Folks in salmon and steelhead states and our neighbors all know that our fisheries have shouldered most of the burden in providing the electricity produced by dams. Trout Unlimited has identified 5 simple changes in your personal electricity usage that increase efficiency and reduce your household's demand on the the region's power supply by about 14%. While we're asking federal dam operators to make changes that will reduce the burden that our dams place on salmon and steelhead, we want to demonstrate to the decision-makers that we, the ones who use the power, are willing to change our habits for salmon too.

  1. Switch out just three-quarters of my light bulbs to compact fluorescents: save 5%
  2. Switch to running only full loads in the dryer: save 2%
  3. Switch off lights when not in use: save 3%
  4. Switch to air drying half my washed clothing: save 3%
  5. Switch to running only full loads in the dishwasher: save 1%

Even if you've already made these changes - and many of you already do much more - it's important you let us know so we can demonstrate to the federal dam operators that consumers recognize the ties between power use and fish, and we're willing to change our power habits to help bring our salmon and steelhead back.

Please make the pledge to Switch for Salmon.

Energy customers in the West are accustomed to hearing from federal dam operators that we can't afford any significant changes when it comes to operating the Northwest's system of federal hydropower dams like the four on the lower Snake River. Those four dams are acknowledged by scientists as the largest single obstacle to recovering what were once the largest salmon and steelhead runs in the world, and yet they produce only about 3% to 5% of the power produced in the Northwest.

We're asking the customers who use the power produced by those dams to send the message to dam operators and government decision-makers that we are, in fact, ready and willing to make changes in our use of hydropower in order to help recover our salmon and steelhead runs, that the region can afford this kind of change, and that energy efficiency and conservation are good for everyone. When the customers who buy the power produced by the Northwest's dams send a strong message that we're willing to use less of it, perhaps then the dam operators will hear us, and decide they too, can change for fish.