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Grill to Save Bristol Bay

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Not sure what wine to have with your wild salmon? Check out one of Trout Unlimited's Water & Wine partners and invest your dollars in a winery that's investing in the future of our wild salmon

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Wondering where to go to dinner or where to buy some wild salmon? Check out our growing list of WhyWild Business Partners with businesses all over the country committed to sustainable wild salmon fisheries and doing their part to save wild salmon. View the list

Savor Bristol Bay

Savor Bristol Bay:
Photo: Ben Knight
Located in Southwest Alaska, Bristol Bay is home to the world's largest wild Pacific salmon commercial fishery, producing millions of wild salmon each year.  Bristol Bay is particularly famous for its sockeye salmon; one of the most sought-after salmon species because of its uniquely deep red flesh, firm texture, and distinct flavor.

The fact that Bristol Bay has some of the world's largest wild salmon runs is no coincidence. The care and protection under which the habitat and fisheries in Bristol Bay are managed has left salmon habitat pristine and intact, free of dams, mines, and pollution. Bristol Bay's salmon fishery feeds not only the global salmon market, but Southwest Alaska's economy and communities as well. The harvest and processing of Bristol Bay's salmon generates over $320 million a year, providing thousands of jobs for Alaskans and others around the US. 

Pebble, a proposed open-pit gold, copper, and molybdenum mine, situated in the heart of Bristol Bay's wild salmon spawning grounds, would be devastating to the wild salmon populations and fisheries in Bristol Bay. If constructed, Pebble is predicted to produce three billion tons of waste over its lifetime. This projected waste would flow from Pebble into Bristol Bay's rivers which could reduce salmon survival rates, meaning wild salmon shortages and increased prices. So, not only would wild salmon and their fisheries suffer because of the Pebble Mine, but salmon consumers as well.

What YOU can do:
Learn more about Bristol Bay and why it's such an exceptional wild salmon source.  Photo: Nick HallYou can also take action and find out the latest at and the Save Bristol Bay Facebook page.

Vote with your fork for Bristol Bay salmon:  click here for a list of Bristol Bay Salmon Suppliers.

For information about upcoming Savor Bristol Bay events around the country, click here.